My Programming project

~Programming with HTML

On the first day of Computer Science I learned how to create a web-page with HTML.I made pages for my robotics project, server project, and more.
I linked to those pages from my index(home page). This web-page is an example of HTML!
If you were to right click you should see the option "View page source".
This option will allow you to view the source to this very page.

~Programming with Logo

During my first week I also learned how to program with Logo. Logo is where we learned how to program simple things like turtles.
On the last day of my first week we learned how to create fractals using recursion.
Here's a picture of a "nested triangle:".

It was surprising to me that this complicated figure could be made with only a few lines of code.
Here's the entire code for that fractal:

~Programming with Python

On my second week of Computer Science I learned about Python. Pythons main perpose is to program.
The first kind of programming is turtle programming

This flower looking image was simply done with a couple of
lines of code which are located on the left side of the above image.

Bellow are two more example of what a couple of lines of code on Python can do.

Another kind of programming I learned about with Python was
Game programming.
Game programming is fun and makes learning how to code on Python a lot more fun.

Heres an image of my first attempt to making a programmed "Number Guessing Game".

If you look at the image above, on the right side is the coding to the game
and on the left side is the results of the coding. If you look closely you can see that I programmed the game
to say hi and ask the user for his or her name. I also programmed it to reply
"Hi,(your name),I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100. What's your first guess?".
I programmed it to be user friendly.Here is a link to the games code that could be copied and then
pasted into Python if you would like to test it our for yourself.-guessing game source-

~Programing with Proccesing
On the 8th week of computer science we learned about programing
with Proccesing. With this, for starters, I made a half smiley face as shown below.

This drawing was made with the code below from Proccesing.

We also made what seem to be a ball in motion but was really just frames over laping over
each other and the previous ones would blend into the background after the new frame appears.

-Other Projects-

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