This is my Server Project

This is the Heat Sinker.The heat sinker takes the heat away from the CPU so

it doesn't run the risk of frying up and no longer working . The fan(s) then takes the heat from the heat sinker and throws it out.

This is the Ram.RAM( Random access memory).

This system relies on electrical charges to give signals to the central processing unit.

This is the Disk Drive. It is for the use of cd's.

The main component of a server is the motherboard.

This includes the CPU (central processing unit), hard disk, RAM (random access memory), and more.

The Hard Drive, unlike the the ram, can hold memory even when the server is shut down.

This happens because instead of using electric signals as memory it uses magnets, a small prod used for

moving the magnetic material glides over the disk inside while the disk with the magnetic material spins at very high speeds.

The clock battery runs the clock while the server is off.

When the server is turned on it lets the clock know what the actual time is.

C.P.U (Central Processing Unit) is were most of the calculations in the server happens,

in order to do all the things it does it needs to have tons of electrical signals pass trough many of its conducters every second.

This is the power supply for the surver

The fans are for cooling off the inside of the server,but
its main purpose is to cool off the heat sinker.

This is the power caple, it connects to the power supply.


I worked on trouble shooting.Trouble shooting is when your trying to get the server back up and running . We were all divided into groups
of 4 and were given a server to mess with for another group to find out what the issue is and fix it them selfs.
By the time we had finish messing around with our server another group had finished as well.We switched servers and tried to fix each others,they got
to finish alot faster then us because unlike them we only messed up one thing as we were told to do,
they messed with 4 things,but we still got everything running in the end.

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