My 3D Programming page



On my first day of week two of the january expeditions We learned about a 3D coding system Called Alice here is what I learned to make the following plane similation.
Here is a video that I recorded using Alices recording feature that shows a plane simulation that I made.

Sketch up

On day two of the second week of the january expeditions we started to use sketch up wich is a 3D visual veiwing device which lets you build 3D objetcs. Here are the things that I made with the program.
The above castle taught me how to use some of the tools and Peter also taught me how to use other tools I used these to make the below spaceship.

Visual Python

On day Three of week two of the January expeditions we made a program that showed a ball on the screen falling to the ground then bouncing away horozontaly This is what it looked like.
Here is my code that I made that made the ball bounce.
later in the day we learned how to program one sphere to orbit the other sphere using vectors to keep it in orbit.
This is the code I used to make this program