my AI project

home When we first came in class on monday we learned about the turing test and the 8 different types of inteligence.

After that we started making a chatbot using python to imitate a human this is our first conversation.

Here is my code that I used to make the chatbot

On tuesady we started to make a better chatbot by making it talk using TTS which means text to speech.
We had to download eSpeak and the python module steal to make the program work. This is my code to make the Chatbot talk.

This is the conversation I had with it I can't show you the audio but here is the conversation.

On wednesday we made a factbot that was able to answer questions that we typed in and it would tell us the answers here is a screensho of us asking it questions and it answering

This is picture of me asking it questions.

Later in the day we alos learned about watson which is an artificial intellegence that won against the best players in jepoardy.

watson uses machine learning, sifting through huge amounts of data and large amounts of rules to beat other people in jeopoardy.
on thursday we made a rock paper scissors game again with our better python skills so here is the game and code.

I also made a version where the coputer always wins

On friday we started to make a hangman game here is my code so far and a picture of the game so far it is not done yet so I am going to finish it on monday

on monday we started to finish our hangman games and mine worked here is my code for the game

on tuesday we started makeing tictac toe games but I was only able to make the board here is the code for that

on wednesday I learned how to put in user input and I made the game check for a win, make sure it did not overwrite the x's and o's and I put it all in one function which used all the ddefinitions I made for parts of code. Here is all the code I made and learned about

Here is a screen shot of my game of tic tac toe

On thursday we finished our tic tac toe games and I made mine a two player game here is the code I learned that is part of the play code that checks for ties and the function that checks for ties.
here are the three types of winning the game I was able to make the game check for and print three different responses.