my Advanced Programming page

home On week 8 day 1 I started learning about advanced programming langauges in the C family of langauges such as java, javascript and C++

after that I started using a programing langauge called processesing which I started to make a smiley face after what we learned
here is the code I had to learn to be able to make this smiley face
after that I learned about how to make a ball look like it was moveing but it actually was drawing itself over and over again then erasing itself again.
here is the code I had to learn to be able to make the bouncing ball
I also made a bouncing ball that did not erase itself which looked cool here it is.
On day 2 of week 8 I started to learn about JavaScript here is my code for if statements and writeing words in the text box

I was unable to start an adventure game because as I went through the lessons some of them would not finish even though I had done everything I could to finish them.

On day three of week 8 I made a house using proccessing.

Here is my code that I used to make the house, The main square,door and window were reltitivly easy but I had to figure out what numbers to use for the triangle because it was harder than a square or a circle.

I was going to make a house that I could multiply and move around but I made a mistake that made it look really cool because of a glich in the program.

This is my altered code that made this cool glich.