my games project

home The first day of the third week we created a pong game using scratch wich was really cool because it looks like a kid thing but is still a programming tool.
so here is the code I used to make the It took a lot a of code just for that simple act.

This is a screenshot of my game

Here is a game that I made but it is slightly glichy.
I put level one complete because I might add more in the future
Also here is the code

scratch was different than the other programming langauges we learned and used
When I was making my own game I had to make the controls(left,right,up)
Then make the sprites for the blocks for the player to jump on.
I made level complete messages and death messages The hardest part was making it so you could go foreward while you fell otherwise you die in the lava.
we also used byob wich is like scatch but made by berkely whereas scratch was made by MIT.
We used byob to make a multiplayer game where I learned how multiplayer games were made
We used the background as a broudcasting station telling what the player's sprites to do so that using arrow keys did not control all the sprites.
This is what the background looked like