my programming project.

home on the first day we programmed our index and server pages in HTML.
on thursday we used Netlogo to program a turtle envirnment that made the turtles move around and eat.

on friday we used NetLOGO to program An arrow to make a triangle fractal.

Here is an image of the fractal itself.

It was cool how about 7 lines of code can make something so complicated.
On wednesday of the second week we created a guessing game.

Here is the code for the game.

Here is what the game looks like when you play it.
we also made a rock paper scissors game. This is what it looks like.

Next I'll show you the code I used for the game.

on friday I made a few tree fractals which look really cool. This is the code to make them.

and here are the tree fractals

In these fractals I made the turtle go 150 pixels the one below I made them go only 50 so it is smaller.