my server project

home here are some of the components of a computer.
This is the hard drive.
The hard drive stores permanant memory which is different from ram which stores temporary memory.
These are computer cables
They are used in cransfering electricity between components in a computer.
This is The RAM (stands for random access memory).
They are used to store memorery that can be accessed at any time (whereas a hard drive accesses memory in a predestined order).
This is a computer battery
They are used as backup in case the main power is disconnected.
This is the motherboard
The motherboard is the center circuit board of the computer that the components are plugged into.
These are computer fans
computer fans are used to cool the components so they don't overheat.
This is a graphics card
Graphics cards are used for increasing graphics cappabillity (generally for gaming).
This is the CPU
The CPU is used as the main proccessing unit wich does most of the software and proccessing.
This is the heat sink
The heat sink is used to cool the CPU because the CPU is prone to overheating.
This is the disk drive
The disk drive is used as interchangeable storage for extra storage.
These are ports
Ports are soctets which are plugged into by different devices.
This is the power supply.
The power supply is what powers the computer.

Troubleshooting Activity

In the troubleshooting project was fun. We took apart our computer then unplugged a caple. After that we fixed someone elses computer. It was really easy though because all they did was unplugg the power caple.