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AL.html <head>Intelligence. <p>I found 7 different aspects of intelligence for example visual-spacial,bodily-kinesthetic,musical,interpersonal,intrapersonal,linguistic,and logical-mathematical. <head>What is a Turing test? <p>A Turing test is a test in a computer,requiring that a human being should be unable to distinguish the machine from another human. <h1>Blade Runner<h2> <p>On Thursday we watched a movie called Blade Runner. It started of when a guy was giving another gay a Turing Test and have a camera in they eyes while the other person was giving him question to answer. When the other person was answering the guy was was looking at his eyes if he is lying or not. After we came back from lunch we watched the end of the movie and I did not understand a lot from the movie.Later the guy was trying to kill the last guy before he does something to him and he did not do anything and out of no were he died. Later the man was looking for his girlfriend and he did. Later he saw a unicorn pin on the floor just like in his dreams.