An And-gate is when the two inputs have to be on for the the output to be on. There is a chart that shows
the outcome of the inputs. "1" stands for on while "0" stands for off.

An OR-Gate is when one input has to be on to make the output on. This also has a chart

We used bread boards to make circuits to light up bulbs. This was an And-gate that my friend Chris was
able to make. If one of the transistors were taken away non of the lights will turn on.

This is a simple circuit that we made. One wire came from the positive and one ended in the
negative where the electron will surge through creating electricity and lighting up the bulb. Though you may not see
it, the bulb has a little glimmer.

In this circuit we used two transistors which work like switches. This only had one input but it got to light
up three light bulbs using the transistors.

We soldered using solder and a hot iron. We used solder to put wires and pieces together like glue.
We made a robot that had lights that blinked different colors