Server Page

Server Project

Opening the computer, we see all the parts that makes the computer work. In the box we see the motherboard,
CPU, Hard Drive, Heat Sink, the fans, Power Supply, ports, Disk Drive, and other components.

The orange component and the silver things that are sticking out are the Heat Sinks.
These things are to make sure the other components will not over heat.
The Heat Sink will take the heat and disperse it out of the server.

This is the Power Supply. It does exactly what it sounds like.
It gives power to the server. All you got to do is plug in the outlet and power will be surging through.

This is the RAM also known as Random Access memory. This holds the memory of what is going on during
the moment through electrical pulses. It does not hold long term data like the Hard drive.

This is the Hard Drive.This is where the data and memory is stored.
All he files and programs are saved when downloaded.