Server Project

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Central processing unit(CPU) & Heat sync

Underneath the copper heat sync is the central processing unit or CPU. The CPU is the brains of a computer and does the computing and this is what really makes a computer computer.

Graphics processing unit (GPU)

The GPU processes the graphics on the computer and is the reason we can see things on a computer screen. Many lower end computers have a GPU integrated with the CPU because high end graphics processing is not needed by the user.

Random access memory (RAM)

RAM stands for rapid access memory and it does just what the name describes. It is temporary memory available for running programs. Without RAM, the computer could not function.

Hard Drive

The hard drive is where your files and programs are stored on your computer. The hard drive spins around and a needle encodes data into it. There is a type of memory storage called a Solid State Drive that is not a hard drive but takes the place of it. YOur computer needs one of the two.

Disk Drive

The disk drive is pretty self explanatory. You can put disks in here to either get information off the disk or put information onto the disk.

Power Supply

The power supply is the thing that supplies the power to the computer. You plug the plug into a power outlet and that gives the computer power and the ability to function.


The fan keeps the inside of the computer from getting too hot. Without it, the CPU, GPU, and other parts would get too hot and malfunction, ruining these components permanently.


The motherboard is what brings all of the components together. All of the parts that I listed above are connected to the motherboard in one way or another.