3D Graphics


Today we finally got to make 3D graphics and created our own games. I decided to make a boat game where the motor boat had to go pass the rings and beat the clock in order to win, but the motor boat must pass all of the rings to also win.

Here are one of the big rings the motor boat had to pass through in order to get the point. It seems easy to pass the ring but it could be really hard because the boat will go by fast. It was easy making the rings because all I needed to do was just to figure out the size and which place to locate it.

As you can see in this image I made ten rings at the same height all the way to the end but in total I have 11 rings because at the end I have a way bigger ring than the others. You can also see the boat in the starting point ready to go through the rings.

Here is one of the biggest rings I made at the end of the race. The reason I made a bigger ring at the end is so that the player can know when he's about to finish and he/she can get a better picture if they're about to win or not

Sketchup 8

We went to this website called "sketchup" which can allow you to make 3D objects just like the one in this picture. Here you can see the world cup on top of the 3D figure.

Here is a better picture of the World cup I downloaded and put it on top of the rectangular prism.

I created this house and made shapes on top of the roof. I made two triangles and put them together to make a big one.

I made a whole bunch of triangles and put them together so that I can make a nice big pyramid but failed. It came out to look as a 3D triangle.

On top of the house what I did was I made three triangles and put them together to make a triangle roof.

At the end I put the Triangles all together and made a weird shape as the roof of the house.

In this picture I downloaded a stadium of my favorite team but made the computer get crazy. When I downloaded the stadium the computer got slow and it stop working but I managed to take a closer picture of the big stadium. You can also see the little house I made far away from the stadium where the world cup is at.

I went inside the stadium and took a picture from the inside to have a better picture of how it looks from the inside.

Visual Python

Today we used visual python and did a whole lot of cool things like the ball bouncing off the wall and the planet.

Here is the ball We created and you can also see the line where it passed by when the ball bounced.

In this image you can see that the ball was bouncing of to the right and leaving tracks.

Here the ball is barely bouncing off and leaving tracks behind.

The ball bounces to the right then faces the wall, hits it, and then bounces back ad leaving tracks.

I made Two walls and let the ball go so that it can bounce back and forth leaving a bunch of tracks.

Here is the codes we used to make the ball and the two walls.

What we did becides the ball was that we made earth and the sun. Then we made the ear revolve around the sun.

We finally made it revolve around the sun and u can see the line where earth was passing by.

For this image you can see the codes I used to create the earths rotation and the sun. It would have been great if we also made the sun rotate too.