This is my games page

The first assignment we were given was to program a game of pong in Scratch. Scratch is a 2D programming Language.

The first thing I learned was how to make a loop in Scratch. You put blocks inside a yellow "repeat" and create the game.

for player 1 you use "A" to move up and "Z" to move down. For player 2 you use the upper arrow to move up and the down arrow to go down.

Creating this game was a litle hard because we had to put different parts together in order to make the game to come out playing the rite way.

Here you can see two different small blocks you have to use in order to control the two sprites.

Here is some pictures I had in my desk top. I got the pong picture and the code from the bottom from google because i lost my other pictures I had but It looked just the same way but the coding was different.

This is one of my pictures of my pong game I made. It was really hard to do it because the ball was always bouncing off the wall and the coding was confusing. But then I got it to work.