Advanced Programming

Advanced Programming

today we created multiple codes in java to create pictures and moving pictures

I made these codes by looking at other refrences and checking the picture every time i wrote the codes

this code is to make all the ball movements random

this code is the variables for the balls

this updates the movements of the balls

Week 1-8 Summary

week 1

this week we learned about the server.we opened up a server and learned the diffrent parts the server had to make up a computer.I learned many things about the server project but the new things I learned where the ram and the heat sink.The Ram is the the where the server stores everything .the heat sink is where the server drops the heat from.If the heat sink was not there the CPU would actually melt.

week 2

this week we learned about circuits .I learned about the bread board .The bread board was used to check if the wires were working.we also learned about gates like and gate, or gate ,nand and nor gates.the and gates needs 2 inputs to have an output,the OR gate needs one input to have an output.

week 3

this week we learned about programming.We used scratch to program I learned a lot about Conditionals and Variables.In Scratch i used loops to create my functions. I also needed else statements to create special sets of rules.we also had to use python to program and i good with it because it uses conditionals.

week 4

this week we learned about game best game i made was the ping pong game It took me a lot of time to program. we used scratch to program the game. I learned about coordinates in scratch because in my game i had to put the paddles in a certain place to start off.

week 5

this week we learned how to program robots we used python as our language to the robots.I used functions to make the robot move i also had to connect it with blue tooth.i also programed the robot so when it got close to a wall it went back a little then turned 90 degrees and went foward again, then when the robot hit the wall it turned off

week 6

this week we learned about 3d drawing. we used sketchup visual python and other things it took a lot of coding to do because you have to put each figure in a exact spot and it is hard to do because then you have to use coordinates.

week 7

in week seven we did artificial intelligence. what we did was we went to python and we made a chat bot which is a computer that if you say hi to it response to you back like a human was talking. what we used was raw input and it was the users response to the questions.

week 8

this week i learned about about advanced programming.i learned how to make list ,functions ,and how comment on java to explain every code that you do.