I will show you a picture of the breadboard.It will connect a power source that will make the light.The breadboard is use for testing circuits if it works.

We got LED and put it to the bread board and to make it light up.We make it light it up with battery.The hook go in negative(-) and the other in the plus (+).

We put a transistor on the bread board.For the LED light to be connected in the middle.


We use this and it was really hot. Also there where smoke coming out of the solder. Most got and some didn't got. we us solder and touch with the pin and we did it in the blinky. The solder is to hold the light's and the barrier to hold it.

We have to make sure it have enough of the solder because we don't want a big pace of solder on the blikery.The blikery have led the light up on negative and pulse it will light up.

It is beater it night. Like this one right here.This is like the blikery but light up to show you how it looks.




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