Game Programming


We learned to use Scratch, a 2D game programming application that lets you create characters and have them move around the screen and interact. You control them using keys that you program to go right or lift (changing the x-values) or up and down (changing the y-values)

The first mission we were given was to create the game Pong in Scratch. We had to control the rackets using letter or arrow key. Here's a screenshot of my Pong game:

The ball has to move around and bounce off the walls and the rectangles. It took a lot of code just to make the ball do what I wanted it to do!

From that we learn how to make a game.This is my game and is about to avoid aliens and if you die you will see a score bored and bent my score is 1,200.Control up,up arrow key, down,down arrow key, right,up arrow key and left,left arrow key