3D Graphics

Utah Teapot

The Utah teapot is a standard reference object for 3D computer graphics. It's considered the equivalent of a "hello world" program.

Visual Python

I used visual python to create 3D images like the ones below.

These 3D objects were created with these codes in Python.

The code on the left is for the box. The code on the right is for the ice cream.

Solar Sysytem

Later, we used sine and cosine functions to create Earth's orbit and rotation.


We used vectors when creating a ball that would bounce off a surface.

This is the code used to create the image above.

Starting from the line "for i in range(100):" creates the look that the ball is bouncing off the surface instead of going right through.

Electronic Arts Field Trip

Initially, EA focused on sports games. One of their earlier games is one-on-one basketball. Because of their limitation back then, the developers chose to have a black background and court. These limitations are also the reason why there is only one player per team.

In EA, each game is created by a group of people rather than a single person. A worker at EA described that he would pull all-nighters with a group of 6-7 people to finish a task before their deadline.

Sketch Up

Sketch Up is a 3D program where you can create 3D buildings and models.

I created a city of building and made a statue of a person.

In Sketch Up, I made a pyramid from cubes and then I colored them into a gradient.

Creating A Sphere

Since there is no tool to make a sphere, I created a sphere out of two circles.

I created the first circle on the ground plane and then created a line from the center of it. I made the line to act as the blue axis, or the vertical axis.

From the line, I made a circle that is perpendicular to the circle on the ground. After, I selected the first circle and used the follow me tool on the second circle. My result is a sphere.

After that, I created characters out of shapes where I gave each of them a different look.

The third character was obviously an error with the sphere head, but I decided to just work with it and make it look as crazy as possible.