A.I.(Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence or A.I. as it's commonly known, is man-made intelligence(Knowledge) like programming a robot, computer, etcetera to know things like the capital of Washington.
These two images are examples of the factbot which uses a database and key words to find answers to questions.Such as the question concerning the 3rd president, it searched for answers from key words such as 3rd president and who.
The middle player in this game of jeopardy is a robot by IBM which is designed to play jeopardy at an expert level.This picture shows Watson, the name of the robot, playing jeopardy with 2 of the best jeopardy players to come on the show. As you can see, Watson clearly outranks them and is simply just some programs put together. Although, Watson does have flaws.Watson's flaws consist of his inability to understand tone in speech or text; because of the tone of some of the questions in jeopardy, Watson would often answer sarcastic questions in a serious tone causing him to lose, but the programmers at IMB found a way to avoid this which was to make Watson answer his questions according to how the other players answered.