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HTML was the very first program we learned to create this website with links to our computer science projects. We learned many things, including how to change fonts and colors, resize text and images, import images, change spacing, and make links for all our website needs.


The above photo is just one of many examples of the art I have created in NetLOGO, a design program. With NetLOGO, you can use "turtles" which can be programmed to move around, and a "pen-down" command to have the turtles create a colored trail. With this basis, fantastic types of geometric art are possible.

The above photo is some of the code I used to program my different geometric art simulations. This, of course, was the hardest part of the LOGO project, but coding was easy to understand overall.

This photo depics my turtle simulation in NetLOGO in which turtles share the world space and eat grass to survive. Below is my code.


Python is another, simple programming language reminiscent of LOGO, but Python can interact with the computer more. Python is easier to learn if you start with LOGO because the way the code is interpreted is very similar. It's one of the easier languages to learn.

The above photo is the code I used to program the computer to guess a number that I think of. This is just one of many things you can do with Python. You can also program turtles in this language just like LOGO. This was programmed in version 3.3.

This is the result; me talking to the computer in the Python Shell.

Remember how I said you could use turtles? Well, above is a small piece of code I created to draw a star fractal. Turtles draw the shape.

This is the result. Looks beautiful, right?

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