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Well first we have to define intelligence.

Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligences is the idea that there are many types of intelligences instead of just logical thinking. Above it a chart that shows all the types of intelligences. This idea was created by Howard Gardner in 1983 with his book "Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences".

Alan Turing

Alan Turing was a British mathematician and code-breaking hero in WWII. He helped in AI by making a test now know as the turning test. The test is that there is a person and a computer claim in to be people in another room a human must find out which on is human and which one is a computer.

My Chatbots

I made 2 Chatbots. One is an Chatbot made to learn from the user and recorded information. While the next one was built around wolframalpha, an advance data base that we can feed questions two, and it goal was to be as human as possible.

Learning Chatbot

This Chatbot was made to build a database, one a text file , by having the user ask questions and if the robot dose not have an answer it will have the user tell it the answer and then store in the the database. While this Chatbot will only know as much as you it may be useful for remembering things. The code with explanation is below.

Human-ish Chatbot

This Chatbot was made based in a chatbot program already but heavily modified to add text that would sound like what a human would say. Code is below with explanation.

The Turing Test

I entered my Human-ish Chatbot into our version Turning test. My Chatbot won because in are version of the test the humans tried to act like computers. I fact I say that are test was not at all trust worthy because of 2 events. First, my friend Alex computer won even after I typed in "H0w are y0u d0ing?" (numbers and letters) and after that point it just said errors. Secondly, someone made a program that would only say purple and he too won.


Watson is an AI made to understand human language and answer question like that of on Jeopardy. It dose this by "Machine learning", so in order to learn what an A looks like it give it a bunch of examples of the pic of an A and then the computer will make rules of what an A looks like. Also it has a massive data base, find patterns of past Jeopardy questions and answers. With all of this Watson was able to best the 2 best Jeopardy players.

War Games

War Games is a 1983 American Cold War science-fiction film about a young hacker who access WOPR (War Operation Plan Response), a US super computer. That causes a national nuclear scare and nearly starts world war III. This fictional computer seams to be able to do Machine Learning and there so by haveing the computer play tic-tack-toe with it's self it learns that the only way to win is not to play, ending the possible wwIII.