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Intelligent Games

For week 7 we combined are knowledge of both AI and games to make intelligent game.

Number Guessing Game

On the first day of week 7 we had to make a program of a number guessing game below is the all the code and comments that explain it all.


One the second day we made a hangman game. For this program I used functional programming, which is when you slit your code into a bunch of functions. This is to help with debugging.

Tic Tac Toe

One the third day everyone was working on their hangman. Since I was already done I had time to start my tic-tac-toe program. So after 2 day of working on it I finished and got the code below (Explanation included).

This is the main code I used for the game.

This code is used for the computer to calculate its move. Right now it just tries a random empty spot, but soon ill make it more complex. In fact I could have made the AI some what better, if I did accentually deleted this code once and had to redo it.

This will draw the board with the current placement of X and Os.