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Game Programming


Before starting are game making project during the thanks giving week I made a game base off of what my class like to play called "Mafia". There are 4 possible roles Citizens, Mafia, Private Investigators, and the Doctor. As the Mafia you can order who to have killed and you lose if you die. As the Doctor you can chose who to protect from getting killed by the Mafia. As a Private investigates you chose who to put on trail. And lastly a Citizen can vote to throw someone to jail. Here is a pic of it after a round and edited to show what role everyone is.


Scratch is a simplified forum of programming language that uses different objects called sprites to run code. It was made by MIT with the programming language Logo.


We first used Scratch to make a pong game. Pong was one of the first computer games made and one of the most popular. This is mine below.


Next we used custom values, or variables, to make a story that has different backgrounds and messages. You can play it for your self below.


BYOB (build your own blocks) is based on scratch and is very similar, but it is easier to use to make multilayer games and has better block functions.