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Programming Languages

Programming Languages allow you to make things with a computer. There are about


Logo is a programming language that uses different "agents" to run programming. The stander agents are observer, turtle, patches, links. the observer is like the god he can create turtles and destroy everything. The turtles are like robots that we can tell what to do like move, draw, and change colours. Patches are like pixels but way bigger and can control what the background looks like.


HTML is a programming language that is used for making website like how I am right now. Although, its not really a programming language because it tells the browser clues for what it should write instead of just telling it what to write, and the fact that is interacts with the browser and not the computer it self.


Python was made to promote productivity and code readability. Used to make Google and Youtube.


Java is by far the most popular programming language in the world. It was made in 1991 based on programming languages such as C++, C#, and Oberon.


JavaScript is a programming languages that can be used in html web pages naturally. JavaScript is not really similar to Java but more similar to C and Self.

The Major Tools of Programming

The Major Tools of Programming is commands that all languages have, that allow the user to programme.


Helps you organize code, by allowing you to take repetitive code and make it easy to use when ever you want.


Variables are values that you can set to change how the code will run.


Allow you to run code over and over in till a command is run to stop the loop.


Allow you to run code when one or multiple conditions are met.


Lets the programmer tell none programmer what the code is doing and how to change it.

Turtle Evolution

On 9/17/14 we made a evolution sim that would test if we gave one colour of turtles a small advantage would it be more dominant.

I gave the red turtles the ability to move further and the pink ones loss less energy when making a new turtle.

I this plot it shows that the cyan color manage to get ahead but when there numbers when down the red with the advantage to move furtherer get to new grass faster. On the other hand the pink even with there advantage they died out. All in all small advantages help but some times its pure luck.

Python Programming

On 9/24/14 we learned how to program in Python. Fist we learned all the major tools and user input.


We made a code that would solve a equation like ax+b=cx+d, with variables a, b, c, and d.
here is a pic of the code and example.

Prime Detector

On 9/25/14 we made a program that can find if a number is prime or not.

Java, JavaScript, and P5.js Programming


Processing is a program that allows you to program in Java, JavaScript, and other programming languages.

Random Face Maker

This the first program I made ever and today I rewrote it from Processingjs from khan academy to Processing. Frist thing to do in the program is to set up the space with this code.

In order to make a function in Java you must put "Void Function-name() {code}". You must use void to make functions that don't return information. The draw function is need for other function later to run, and the setup is a function that will always run first.

Another wired thing about Java is that you must define what type of variable you want. For example for a number like 1, 2, 3, and 4 you would have to say int a=1 and for a array you would have to do int[] b={1,2,3,4}.

Asteroid Map: Java

Processing JavaScript

Processing JavaScript is like Processing Java and can be found on Khan Academy, were you can learn and practices code in JavaScript.

Asteroid Map: JavaScript


p5.js is a JavaScript library that was meant to make coding easier and be able to display on the web.

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