Utah teapot

The Utah teapot was a part of computer science. It has became a stander reference item in 3D objects to test graphics.
It covers many bases like curves, shadows, and reflections.

Visual Python

We learned how to create objects in visual python. Making a square is as simply as "box()".


Alice is a program that helps people to learn the basics of moving and programing 3d models to do things.


To start I just made the character do some movements.

Sketch Up

Sketch up is a free program to let people design houses with a 3d model. It let's you draw the shapes and areas for a house.

I didn't find makeing a house to interesting so I to try and make a starship in the program. I get the basics for the thrusters done.

Done with half

And done


On Thursday we made a 3d graphic of the sun and earth. to get the Earth to move, we used trigonometry to have it move in a circle.
Using sine and cosine we made the it go in a circle around the sun


on friday we learned how to use vectors to create moving projectiles. We started with making a ball bounce and fall to gravity.

To make it more realistic, I added a air resistance to slow down the x movement.