Java the most used programming language in the world. It is so popular because it can be used in any Java virtual machine, meaning
it can be used from a desktop program, to a web browser, to a phone.


Bouncing ball


P5.js helps to make java script easier to use in browsers like this right now. We are using it a lot to make the programs in the
web browser.


On Tuesday we used processing to make a LadyBug and moved it around.

Bouncing Balls

On Tuesday we put more into the bouncing ball program to have it make more balls on the screen at once and have different colours. We made a class to make a new ball every time the inputs are given. We made a loop to make as many as we want.

Mother's Day Card

On Thursday we made a java script in html to have a Mother"s day card. I made a heart using a triangle and two arcs. When the mouse
is clicked, the heart would show up with a random size. I did this by changing all the inputs for the triangle and arcs to be changed
based on the mouse position. The size is just randomly selected and put into the same input to determine all the positions for the
The page is found here

Bezler curves

Bezler curves is a function you can use to make lines curve to make desired shapes. This can be used to make a better heart in the program then
what I have.