Lego robot

We worked on putting together and programming a Lego mind storm in python. building it too some time as one of my
Partners kept asking for it to be a certain way. Here is the end result.

The sensors on it right now will detect if it is touches anything, which are at the bottom, and sonar to detect how
far if any object is in front of it, which is above the touch sensors.

Color hunt

Tuesday we programmed our robot to search the ground for coloured paper and respond that it found one. The code for
it is below. The code is not perfect and needs revisions.

Robot not falling off desk by self

Friday we programmed the robot to not fall off a desk by its self, and by pointing the sonar down and telling it to change
if it detected no immediate ground in front of the sonar. It would then back up a little, and turn to continue moving forward.

Piloted robot

We put phones on the robots and remote controlled them with game controllers. using different programs we made the controller to
keys on the keyboard to work. The key inputs would then be read and have actions to each key.