It is week 5 of Computer science and we have started working on 3D Graphics. Day one on 3D Graphics was about using a program called alice. Alice is a 3D game and story making program that was devloved by Carnagie Melon Univirsity. Day one was all spent on Alice making storys and games i made a story bellow i have provided the code nessasry for my story and the story it slef in video form.

Day 2 of 3d graphics, on day 2 we worked with a program called google sketech up 8. In this program we bulit 3d houses, some of the functions used to make are house are, square, circle, scale, rotate, camera, lift up, and move objects. Bellow i have put picture of the house that i bulit using sketch up.

Day 3 of 3d Graphics, today was all about visual python. In visual python we made a sphere and made the sphere bounce of walls using a code that created a box the position of the box and making the ball or shpere know that it has to bounce of the box bellow i will put pictures and the code nessacary for this. The class also learned about how gravity can be applyed to computer science. The way we learned this is that we programed and made a earth and a sun the point of it was to make the earth revolve around the sun in a circle, the challenge was to figure out the volicity needed to make the earth travle the right distance around the sun. bellow i will put pictures of every thing we did.