The Picture above there is all the matriels we need to create a circuits. Such as wires (in the box), L.E.D's, the resisters and the transisters, all of these parts are needed to create a server.h

In the picture below you have a very simple circuit with two wires and a one red LED.The red LED is what is being powered by the wires which are connected to a bread board, and the bread board is being powered by a batery which gives a chager to the wires and then the to the LED's.

This is an and gate it is sill very simple to your avarege computer person, but to not computer people it looks like a bunch of wires and lights, connecting to a board.

The way the circuit is powerd is by a big battery which is shown in the picture bellow, 2 prongs connect to the coils at the top of the battery which connect to wires that are on the bread board, the red wire is a postive charge and the green wire is a negi