Our first assinment in our games programming unit was to create and program a game of Pong in Scratch. Scratch is a 2D progming applicantion written in the Net Logo language By M.I.T.The first thing I learned to do was create a loop as shone bellow.

The Next thing we did was create a pong game. Pong is the popular Atiar game made in the 70's. Bellow you can play the game I made, you to click the green flag to start. Player one is controoled by the Up and down keys and player two is controlled by the W and S keys. Have fun playing.

The next assingment we did was to create some games with the program BYOB. BYOB is almost the exact same thing as scratch but you can do a little bit more. I would embed the game I made with BYOB but BYOB is not scratch compatible so you can not embed the game.But I did take pictures of the game I made. which are bellow.

The picture bellow is the codes for the stage or background. These codes are telling the background to start with the background one, start with the first varible at zero and the second varible at zero, and when the 2nd varible hits five then the background will change to background 2.

The next code is the code just to make the square which is you start a a certin point and move up down left and right.