NET LOGO 5.0.3

In the past day, we worked in the network of netlogo aslo know by programmers as the turtle maker, in net logo I made and programmgramed turtles, the tuttles I programmed made diffrennt desigins. I wrote diffrent codes to make the turtles do diffret things like make squares and flower desings. Bellow i have put the codes and desigins we made using netlogo.

Some weeks later we came back the the netlogo programming language, this time the class programmed turtles to be turtles. I programed the turtles to eat grass and move around and also to die when they had no enegry left. Bellow i have put the code i used for this project and also what it looked like on screen.


Python is a higly used language it is used even by google. In Python we used a fuction like netlogo, we created a pentagon made out of stars which happed when ever I typed in the code "star2".