On day one of Robotics we bulit 5 minute bots. Five minute bots are little robots that are made by lego that you can program move anyway you want. The class prgrames the bots using Python 2.6.6 to sen d signals to the bot via bluetooth. Here is a picture of a 5 minute bot below.

To make a bot move you need a code which is what we did in python.I made a code so the bot would move forward at as much power as you want (127 is the highest power) and for how long you want it to move for. So you would type in (127,2) meaning that the bot would move at 127 power and for 2 seconds I have put a picture of the code down bellow.

After figuring out how to make the bot go stright we had to figure out how to make the bot move in a square and use its sonar sensor so the bot wont run in to anything. The code for both the square and the sonar are bellow.


Day two of robotics was all about scatter bots. A scatter bot is a robot that moves randomly around and uses its sonar to aviod getting hit or running in to other objcets. Our group also coustomized our bot and gave him a name. His name is juan.0 I will put a picture of him bellow. Soo the class made and programed scatter bots the code for the scatterbot is also be bellow


Day three was about adding a programing a color sensor. The color sensor is a sensor that can tell colors apart, if programed right your bot will be able to follow a color you program it to. I have put a picture of the color sensor bellow (the color sensor is the on thats hanging down of the robot). Our day three task was to make our robot follow the green tape which was in the form of a square only using its color sensor the code for this is bellow.


The fouth and last day ohf robotics. The last day of robotics was about making mars rovers, pretty much we had to program robots that are able too; find water of the color blue, they also had to avoid falling in to craters. Bellow as you can see i put the picture of the "surface of mars".