Server Project

Opening Up the Server

when my group opened up the server there was a bunch of things that we did not understand, we looked at it and were all very confused

The server has alot of confusing parts to I, the picture under this text it the heat scync, it makes sure that the server does not overheat, under the heat sync is the CPU also know as the Computer Prossessing Unit.

Trouble Shooting

The trouble shooting activity was in my opinion the best part of this unit.The trouble shooting activity was where we took a server and pretty much messed it up so i would not work.Then we would pass it to another group for them them to fix it, which also means a we got a server to fix.The server we got to fix had many things wrong with it, a lot of wires were unpluged and the serever would not turn on, but in the end we were able to fix the server.

Our group unpluged lots of diffrent wires and switched some around, we tryed to make it look like we did not do any thing to the server. In the picture bellow it just look like a regular RAM, but we switched them the disc around.