3D Design


Alice is a program like Scratch, but with a few key differences. One is that it is 3-D, and it has many more options. Other then that it is just like scratch, dropping and dragging blocks to animate objects. With Alice i did a few different things. The first thing i did was make a Astronaut run around on the Moon.

The next task i tried to do was making my own objects that wernt already in Alice. I made a Flag, Globe, and a Poster. Each were pretty simple, just importing my own textures was the extent of it.

The last challenge i did was alot harder. I designed a program that would make a chicken change it's color every time you clicked on it. The chicken could become Red, Green, Blue, or just a normal chicken. Below is the code for the chicken color changer program.

Sketch Up

Sketch Up is a program by google used to design different obejcts. You have three axises and different shapes and lines. There are a million things you can make if given the time, and with my little time i made a few different things. A plane, a rocket, and a sphere


The sphere was made using two perpendicular circles and using the "Follow Me" tool. It basiclly mdae one circle follow the other one all the way around, making a sphere.


The rocket took a bit longer then the sphere, because i had to put together all the different parts together, lining up the edges and making it look nice


The plane was also fairly hard to put together, because i had to make it symetrical. I also had to slant the front a little to make it less blocky. Overall it could use a bit more on the slanting on the wings to make it look nice. But doing that would be a huge pain


Visual Python is another programming language in wich you can create shapes and program them to move. You can also make ths shapes "Bounce", by making them reverse directions when they reach a certian x or y coordinate. From there all you have to do is use the Holy Trinity. Loops, Variables, and Conditionals. In my program i used all three.

Basiclly it is just a bunch of loops redefining the boundries of where it can bounce over and over again. it was pretty ismple once i got the first two.