Robots, a machine, a minion. Simple enough to controll, if you know what your doing. The robots we used were Lego Mindstoms Robots. They have a bunch of different peices that can be combined in 100's of ways. We started off with a simple design and had it move in a square. The code is below, and the command is Square()

The hardest thing about this was trying to make it turn for the right amount of time. By using the sleep(time) command we could tell it how long to turn for. We kept testing it to find the right turn length.

Over time our little robot grew in size and design. We had tons of ideas that we wanted to add, some effective, and some not. Treads, very cool looking, yet very ineffective compared to normal tires. We messed around with treads for a long time trying to see if they could be made effective. We moved to a three wheel tread, which still didnt work. This caused us to go to a for wheel design. So far our design is light and efficent. Designing was done, and it was back to programming. The next challenge was to make our robot not be able to hit anything. It had to be able to back away using a sonar sensor. The code is below, and the command is sonarstop() "?/b>

Now it was time for the biggest challenge of all. Getting it to follow a green line. Shounds simple, yet two hours of work were sunk into creating a code that would finally work. The final code was actually pretty simple. A simple zigzag parttern across the line. Again in this pattern we needed a sensor, so we pulled out a color sensor. It read the line effectivly and finally it was able to make it around the square.The code is below, and the command is Follow()

the last challenge was fairly simple. We had to navigate a "Mars" surface. The code was simple and was working until one of our group members tried to "edit" our robot. This ended up destroying our robot completly, and we couldnt fix it in time to retry the challenge. The code was very simple, all we had to do was have the sonar read by detecing the distance to the ground. So when it drove over a crator it told the robot to back up. This was the final challenge of Robot Week.