Games Projects



On the third week I learned how to develop a game on the computer.I used SCRATCH and BYOB. This is the game I developed in Scratch and BYOB.

This is the game Pong, I was able to develop it in Scratch. Pong is a relation to Ping- Pong just a miniature version.

My Pong Game

I put my own touch on Pong as you see above.

Ghostbusters Mini Version

Here on the last day of January 2014 I developed two new games on Scratch.

Above we have a miniature verson of Ghostbusters, you have the Ghosts code, and the Aimmers code.


Above we have a Brick- Breaker Game. Above the picture, ball code, brick code and paddle code.

-Other Projects-

-A.I Project

-Robotics Project

-Server Project

-programming Project