Graphics Project

What we did with Graphics is we used Alice, a web designer created by the people of DUKE University. it is simialar to Scratch and BYOB, I think. On the three projects here are the pictures:

On the three projects here we have Asteroids(still being manged on), The Solar System Explorer (which I gave up on), and a short movie of A Mad Scientist Saving the Town which will soon be embedded.

On the 2nd day of Graphics i designed two buildings and one car. How we did this was by using Sketchup, I am pretty sure it is free. Now none of them are perfect but I thought they were cool.

Now with this house I was just experimenting.

With this house I tried to make it look like Tony Starks' house, it is a little bit simialar.

With the car I just had fun.

Same day I created two new 3d animations. One of them I got from Inception(the Infinite Staircase that turned to a paradox). Here are the pictures:

Now the two pictures above are a 3-dimensional pie chart.

Now the pictures above are the idea I got from Inception.