My Programming Projects

The first day I learned how to create a wabpage in HTML. I made pages for robotics and my server project, and other figures using code, loops, and conditional statements.On Friday we learned how to create fractals using recrusion. We all came up with diffrent speeds for how fast our turtles ate the grass in the program. Here's a picture of a "Nested Triangle:"

On Thursday we created a colony of turtles and used loops and code to get them to move around randomly, "eat" grass and reproduce. Creating this program gave us control of how fast the turtles ate the grass and how quickly they reproduced. Their was a setting where you could make the grass disappear after the turtles finished eating all of the grass.We could also program the grass to grow right after it has been eaten. when they finished eating the greHere's a screenshot of my colony:

Today in my computer science class we a were working on python, a program where you can create your own design of shapes or pictures by typing in code's into notepad. Using notepad you can write down the code's on it and you can connect the code's to your very own webpage. I use the webpage to keep track of what I am doing in my computer science class. For example, in class we were doing troubleshooting on computer servers by taking them apart and putting them back together, but we moved one component and switched it with another group to try and find out what it was that the other group had moved.Here is a screenshot of the design I made using python:

Today during the morning of January 30, I designed a ball using python. I was able to make the ball bounce in one place as well as all over the screen. Below I have the pictures and as well as the code.

This underneath was just a better code

During the afternoon Mr. Farell decided for us to make the earth and sun so we did.

Below is a picture of the Earth and the Sun. Sorry about the Earth, I messed up with programming the code.

After that we decided to make the earth orbit which we accomplished.

We also designed it to make and eliptical orbit as seen in the picture.

On the last day of January I made two new objects on Sketch-Up.

Server Project
Robotics Project
Games Project
Projramming Project
Troubleshooting Project
AI Project
Electric Circuit Project