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"Five nights at pico's"

I'm currently undergoing through some other games at the moment,
this is the most recent one I've come closest to finishing. This
project was my first take at a horror based game programmed with scratch.
It is also the biggest project I've contrived.

The story?

You are hired as a Security Guard at a wonderful children's dinner,
known and loved by many families in town. A heretofore mishap has occurred with
the previous unwary guard. You are concious of this accident making you apperceptive to your situation.

How does it work?

You have the night shift. Your job? Look at camera's and protect yourself
from by stopping their advances with your doors and reveal
them right before they get you with your lights.

"Joey's Jetpack"

Today I made a short story based game "Joey's Jetpack" in Scratch Programming.
It is under development at the moment at the moment.

The Story?

Joey's Jetpack is about a crippled boy by the name of Joey who's
brother has stolen his go-to mode of transportation.
Thus, proceeding to win it back.

How Does It Work?

The games was developed by Scratch Programming.
The player controls Joey's movements with the arrow keys.


Today I have made yet another short story based game,
this time being a little more authentic;
including an intro, tutorial, sounds, and player accessibility.

The Story?

"Apple" was named after the amenity of having the main plot involving an apple.
The protagonist (the player) falls upon a