3D Graphics

<center>3D Graphics</center>


This week, we worked with a program called Alice, a Scratch-like program except Alice is 3D. The difference between Scratch and Alice is that with Alice you can move the camera around.

Walking Challenge

We were challenged to make a character on Alice walk. Unfourtanatly, it wasn't so easy:

Skecth Up

On Wednesday, we worked with a program called Sketch Up. This program allows you to make pretty much anyhing you want. I chose to make a house:
It's not done, I'm still working on it. This is just a screenshot of what Sketch Up can do.
You can also import things that have already been made in Sketch Up:
With the warehouse tool, you can search whatever you want and import it into your Sketch Up.
On Thursday, we worked with VIDLE, a python program except VIDLE is a visual Python. We started off with creating a ball and a platform for the ball to bounce on. Then we made a wall for the ball to bounce off of that:
Here's the code we used in VIDLE to get the ball to bounce against the platforms:
The text in red are just comments which tell the coder or reader what the code is doing.
Then, we decided to code an Earth orbiting around the Sun. Here's the code for it:
With this code, we were able to create the Earth orbiting around the Sun: