Server Project

<center>Server Page</center>
For this project, we split up in groups and took apart a working sever. Then, we had to examine some of the components inside. Here are some of the things we saw inside:
This is the CPU. It stands for Central Processing Unit.
This is called a ram. It stands for random access memory. It "allows stored data to be accessed directly in any random order"(wikipeda).
This is called a heat sink. Its' purpose is to help the server and other devices from overheating.
There's many more components like the clock battery and the motherboard, but these are just some. The next day, we had to destroy the sever in a way that it can be troubeshooted and fixed. For example, disconnecting wires and placing things where they're not supposed to be. Then, we gave it to another team and they gave theirs to us. After, we had to troubleshoot it and fix it so that the server starts up and runs.