3D Programing

fishing Sharks:

Boats, sharks, a scuba diver, and cities are the objects in the picture. In the actual thing I programmed the sharks to move around like turn 1/4 and add the duration, then I would command it to move forward 20 meters. After I would just put it in a loop so it can repeat. I did the same thing for the boats but different number( the distance and duration). This is my favorite project out of the rest because in this prject I actually made my ideas on a computer. After watching "Sharknado" the movie, I made this. The buildings are actually drowning from the water and there are sharks wandering around huntin humans. There are also boats going around to search for survivors.

I set the the point of view to the point of view of the windmill's blades. So we see what ever the windmill's blade is seeing. Here is the code of it.

this is a pic of the windmill's blade point of view.


this is a house a build using Sketchup. I had some troubles with at first because it was difficult for me to move the cameras around and it was really hard to make symmetry shapes. I overcame these troubles and this is what I created. Surely another trouble I faced was making the actual house. I needed ideas on making the perfect house. I wanted my house to make all out of glass and and there must be a pool in or out the house. Also,I wanted my house to be big and and must have all glass furniture. Yes, it sound uncomfortable, however, it looks futuristic. I made the desks by myself using a bunch of shapes such as squares and circles. Then I would I pull it up to make it 3D. This is the result of my hard work!

3D Coding in Python:

I code using python and created a 3D model of the earth rotating around the sun. I made the Sun the center and put the Earth on the the outside rotating around the sun. I can change the range around which basically tells the computer how far the Earth travel. I also can change the rate which cahnge the speed. Here is the model and the code.