Scratch is a program that allows the users to design games.Users can program with multiple active objects called "sprites".Sprite can be drawn by using paint in the program. In this case, I designed a game called "Pong". I programed the sprites to be two black bars and one bar. I then put in commands for each sprite. when I get to the ball I programed the ball to ball to bounce back when it hit the bars or any part based on what I want.

Pong was the first game I made and it was extremely difficult for me at first. However, when I get the stuff, I actually easy. To play: player 1 controls are "s" to move down and "w" to move up. player 2 controls are "up arrow" to move up and "down arrow" to move down.


BYOB stands for "Build Your own Blocks". IT is the same as SCRATCH but it can make something move from outside using a USB cord. for example you can make a command that makes the connected usb cord to transfer the commands to the lego that allows it to move. The objective of the game below is to get away from the yellow balls. if you get touch it will be +1 to the computer score. if it go to 5 the game will stop and it is game over. in this game there are four sprites: the bat, and three balls. Also, whenever the ball touch a purple color it will bounce back, turn right 90 degree, bounce back when hit again and then it will turn 15 degree left. This will repeat until the game is over. Also, I programmed the game to stop when the computer scored 5 points.

BYOB didn't allowed me to convert the games from it onto my webpage, and it didn't let me convert it to sctratch to put onto the webpage. So I have to start over from "scratch." To play this game, Player 1 have to dodge from the three octopuses. touche an octopuses computer win a point for each octpuse touched. If computer reached 5 points, player 1 lose. Use arrow keys to move. Try to survive with the most time.

Multiplayer game

In order to make a multiplayer game in BYOB, you must use "mesh". One player will be the host and other will join him by entering his IP address. Some problems are the controls. if we were to play we must choose different controls or we can add the controls to stage and when you share the sprite, the stage won't share. So it won't affect the game controls. Also, we used broadcast a lot because it is easier and better if you were to choose the same controls as other players. The pictures below will explain what I said.