On day 1, we made a 5-minute bot and gave it commands. This is what I did:

Making a square using the 5-minute Bot

I had a little trouble to program the bot to move around to make a square. The problem is the time. I plug in and out random numbers between .1 and 1. I got 0.76 and it worked perfectly.

Scatter Bot:

The code to make the robot scatter around and sensing:

I program the bot to move around and program the sensors. For example, the ultra sound detect an object in distance, it will redirect and keep move and repeat. The Problem I went through was the coding because it is hard to make a code that commands the robots to move and detect stuff. and if it would detect something, it would move like turn around and move forward for example.

Mars Challenge:

located on a bunch of red wood and "craters" also it have "water" mainly blue paper. And the challenge was to command the robot using python to move the robot and make it understand when to turn around using the color dectector and ultra-sound detector.This is challenging because it is hard to code a coloring sensor. For example I need to code a commands that basically tells the robot to use the coloring sensor to sensor colors. If it sensor blue which stand for water then the robot would move and turn away. I also used the ultra sound dector in this challenge. I code a command which tells the robot if it detect the ground level increases then it would turn and move forward, so it wouldn't fall.