Server Project


This is the R.A.M. a prossesing unit that is used to access random memory at random anywhere in the system it is basically any byte of memory.

The power system in a server is a block routing the power to all of the individual systems in the entire server.

The C.P.U. is the centra processing unit one of the most important pieces to a server that controls the main and essential parts to the system of the server.

The fan is meant to keep the system cool so it can keep working and keeps it from heating up too much.

The hard drive is responsible for the memoryof the system and to store functions for the servers system.

The Motherboard is the one responsible for the entire sysetem including the C.P.U.the motherboard is also an essential part to the server.

The G.P.U. is in charge of all the graphics for the monitor to interpret that come from the system.

The disc drive interprets the discs that you put in drive then it usually tends to work with the G.P.U. to make the graphics.

Optical drives spectialize in DvDs that contain movies that you can watch on you computers.

The heat sink specializes in the heat control of the C.P.U. by controling the amount of heat it gets so that it can continue to function.

The monitor works with the entire system to display whatever your doing it mostly reads the disks and DvDs.

The wireing in the server is what holds the entire system together and the most essential part to the server.