Server Project

.Today I learned about the inside of a server. Here are some pictures of a Heat sink, CPU, RAM, Hard Drive, clock battery, power supply, and media device all in respective order. But First off, I'll show you a picture of the server as a whole.

This is a picture of the entire server.

The Heat Sink is a device used to cool down the PC. I only recognized it because it looked like the thing at the side of laptops.

The CPU(central processing unit) is a device that carries out the commands of a program to run the computer.

The RAM(random access memory) let's the computer remember things and storage information. It only stores things that you are accessing at the moment, unlike the hard drive.

Here is a picture of the server's Hard Drive. It allows the server to permanently store everything on the computer, acting as the main storage device.

Here is the computer's clock battery.It makes sure that the motherboard doesn't die.

This is the computers power supply. It's purpose is to convert the voltage from an outlet to a DC current that allows things to run in the server.

This is the media device, which allows the user of the server to insert discs into the server, enabling you to watch movies, play games, or whatever.