Advanced Programming

Today I did advanced programming. We started coding some things on and I made a smiley face. It was fairly simple, and I did everything myself until I got to the smile. Originally I had just used a line for it, but afterwards I used an arc.

After I made the smile face, I moved onto making a house. Making the house was slightly harder as there were more shapes, and the measurements had to be more precise. The hardest part about making the house was getting the window aligned. I mainly had to eyeball it, but I usually got pretty close on my first attempts.

Here's the bouncing ball that I programmed. You can see it in action below.

Here is the code for the ball. It was a lot more complicated than the code in scratch, as you had to type things like xvel and xpos.

Today I made a program that allowed me to make multiple bouncing balls. It was a modified version of the code for the single bouncing ball we did yesterday. You can see it in action below.

Here's the code for the modified program.

In this code, we added things like