Today I learned how to make circuits on CEDAR. The picture above depicts a 'Half-Adder'. If you turn on a single output, then it should only turn on the 'one'. If you turn on both inputs, the 'two' should light up and the 'one' should be off.

Here are AND-Gates and OR-Gates. For an AND-Gate, both inputs have to be on for the output to turn on. For an OR-Gate, only one input has to be on in order to turn on the output.

Here is an OR-Gate we made in real life.

This is an AND-Gate that we made in class. This Gate took the longest to make because it was one of the more complicated gates.

Here is a XOR-Gate. Its basically a simplified version of a Half-Adder. Spending a half hour to make a Half-Adder with only AND made me appreciate the XOR-Gate.

Here is a 5-bit adder. It can actually show us any number from 1 to 31 by using an 'on' or 'off' system. If the LED is red, its on. If it remains black, its off.

Here are some pics of soldering we did today. This was the first time most of our group soldered so we were pretty terrified of burning ourselves. My LED Robot didn't work at first though, which kinda sucks. At least it worked in the end.