What I Learned

Week 1:

On Week 1 I learned about loops, variables, functions, and conditionals.
Loops repeats instructions/code lines until a certain condition is reached.
Variables are
Functions perform specific tasks and can be repeated over and over again.
Conditionals basically are expressions that can be equal to true or false.

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Week 2:

This week I learned about AND and OR Gates. I also learned about different parts of the computer, such as the Heat sink, CPU, RAM, Hard Drive, clock battery, power supply, and media device.
I also learned about what the different parts of the computer do. For example, the heat sink is a device used to cool down the PC. AND gates require both of the lights connected to it to be on in order for the light that's built on it to be on. For an OR gate, only one light has to be on in order for it's own light to be on.

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Week 3:

On this week I learned how to code a LEGO robot.
I learned how to code the robot to activate a sensor that allows it so "see". This week was the second shortest one for me because it was kind of fun.

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Week 4:

On this week, I learned how to make games on scratch. We learned about Pong, and how to make a lan party on BYOB.
I made a pong game on scratch, which was probably the hardest thing I ever did on the program. It took me a couple hours to make a simple game!. At least now I know how much work goes into the games that my brothers plays.
I also made a LAN party with Dillon on BYOB. BYOB is basically a copy off scratch with some added functions. It was made by people at Berkeley.

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Week 5:

This week I learned about 3D Graphics. I learned about the basics of it, and some history.
I learned about 3D-2D. Its basically taking a 3D object and putting it onto a 2D surface. Its like drawing a portrait of your friend, except its with computer coding.
The first 3D item to ever be made into a 2D image on a computer was a teapot. Its more commonly known as the 'Utah Teapot'.

3D Graphics

Week 6/7:

For these two weeks I did artificial intelligence.

Week 8: