AI Project

My AI Project

Aspects of Intelligence

We started today off by searching up and applying what intelligence really is, and we ended up finding

a lot of different thing, but in the end it comes down to; Linguistic Children who are basically word smart,

Logical-Mathematical Children who are logical and are interested in patterns, Bodily-Kinesthetic often are athletic or do well in physical activities,

Spatial children think in images and pictures and are usually creative, Musical children are good listeners and musically telented,

Interpersonal Children are good at communicating, Intrapersonal children are aware of themselves and understand themselves

Allan Turing and the Turing Test

A turing test is basically used to test whether or not a computer has achieved intelligence.


Then we made a chatbot which basically answers questions even though the answers are completely randomized

The History of AI

We also learned about Norbert Wiener and his view on how intelligence is just a collection of feedback

AI Winter

This was a time where AI lost funding and interest because building an AI started to seem like a distant dream


To continue yesterdy's lesson we got out chatbot and created a speakbot by installing a program called steel


On Wednesday we used Python to create a chatbot that would search the web and return the correct responses to questions.

Smartest Machine in the World

Watson, that's it's name, the smartest Jeopardy machine in the world, created with machine learning, which is the ability to learn without

a riduculous amount of rules, basically learning like a human would

Blade Runner

In this movie, the protagonist, Decker, has to stop these AI's who want to increase their life span, because they have an expiration

date, which is four years. However, these robots don't look like your average metalic beings. They look like ordinary humans, with more or less

ordinary lives. *******SPOILER******* Decker is an AI *******SPOILER******* DUN DUN DAAAAAAAN!

Intel Trip

On Friday we went to the Intel museum to learn about the history of intel. We learned about the FAB which was a factory where microproccessing chips

are processed. Also, we were mind-blown when they talked about how they could fit 1 billion transistors on a chip the size of your pinky nail

Programming Rock, Paper, Scissors

Today we programmed a RPS program to play well... rock, paper, scissors! We did this so that we could get an introduction to programming Tic' Tac' Toe

This is the program I used to run it

Programming Hangman

Next we programmed hangman to add parts to a body and make us guess letters

This is the program used to run it

This is how the body parts were added to the game

Programming a Hangman Guesser

Today we programmed a Hangman Guesser which basically figured out which word our hangman programming was spitting out

Here is the program used to run it

Programming Tic Tac Toe

First day of Tic Tac Toe... not fun but interesting nonetheless. We had to set up a board and make a game to run for a human vs human match

Heres the code that ran it

Second day of Tic Tac Toe we got started on setting up an AI vs human match. Heres the code